Small Business Mentoring

Our Start-up Business Mentoring Programme provides mentoring for people who have a new business idea or are looking for help in starting a new business.

Our Small Business Mentoring sessions are designed for small businesses or start-ups that need an affordable solution to improve and grow their business.


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The programme is designed for people who have a business idea and :


We conduct Small Business Mentoring Sessions have helped hundreds of small businesses start, grow and succeed. The session is normally fast paced and probing to ensure the best commercial advice is given. Post meeting, a comprehensive report is provided detailing the feedback and action points of the session. This allows the business owner to implement the recommendations at their own pace.


Our Mentors are experienced business people with expertise in new ventures and have an understanding of the steps needed to validate a business idea or get a new business off the ground. Your mentor will have experience in new ventures, starting new businesses and have an understanding of the steps needed to get a new business going.

Mentors volunteer their time to work alongside a Start-up client for a six month period. A mentor will step you through a feasibility assessment and support you to build a business plan if your idea has merit. If your business plan is already formed we can review, revise and recommend stepping stones to success.


We have been inspiring audiences with our motivational speaking. Using our experiences in business and life, we show how to remove the barriers life throws at people and demonstrates how success can be self-generated. We leave the audience upbeat, entertained and motivated.

Speaking Topics

We deliver interactive live sessions on the following topics upon your request: