IT Consulting

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Realize your purpose with a holistic transformation.

Implement an enterprise-wide transformation, from vision and strategy to execution and outcomes.

Ideate, create, and deploy new business models.

Elevate customer and employee experiences.

Innovate for continuous value creation.

B-On help clients identify and solve critical IT consulting, business and technology issues while maintaining effective IT risk management.We builds high performance leadership teams that are assembled to plug-in to your organization at the portfolio, program or project management levels in order to scale and accelerate total project success. Our experts have a strong depth of knowledge in transforming your business initiatives into a repeatable operational reality.

B-On helps you achieve and sustain this success through strategic, functional and process transformation that enables you improve performance, increase effectiveness, reduce costs and enhance resilience.

Portfolio Management Services

Our experts collaborate with key stakeholders to ensure that your portfolio has the coordination and communication to make controlled decisions across project teams at different levels of the organization. We want to make sure you’re executing according to your business goals. We mentor and coach you through implementation, giving you the insight to take over your interdependent IT components in phases. We make sure you understand the dynamics of constantly changing project schedules and scope. Through leadership and prioritization, we can measure the effectiveness of your portfolio so that you have the flexibility to make key decisions at the right time.

Program Management Services

Our PMO initiative services are designed to ensure that we implement a resource process that can support and deliver according to the milestones you set out to accomplish. We build around your unique organizational needs and analyze your project portfolio, the size and culture of your organization to uncover and address your methodologies, processes and resource management inefficiencies. We then, build a comprehensive strategy that manages your dependencies and balances all stakeholder needs.

Project Management Services

Our project management services are built to help rescue failing projects. Our individual or team based services augment your current teams and collaboratively work to implement a cohesive structure of policies, procedures and controls for short-term damage control. Serving as controls consultants, we focus on mitigating the risk and impact of project failure by helping your projects get back on track quickly. The basic tenets of project management require a repeatable structure with an aptly skilled owner. Let us help manage your constraints and realign your project.