Products & Platforms



KPI – Application of lean principles to the craft of performance analysis of an organization. B-On developed a brand new concept Bizz- KPI it is an online software platform and a systematic approach to identifying organizational KPI, providing all the required elements to plan, create, manage and monitor all Key Performance Indicators of an organization. It is an easy to handle software offering KPI entry, management and reporting all in one board to monitor the success easily.


Dashboard contains an interactive GUI menu to go to all of the operational pages of the VSM, which shows the number of items in each modules.


A strong worship over agile has led us to develop the Progress Progression Board. Highly user interactive dashboard enables to understand the progress of the project along with the overall project duration. It can also notify you when you are about to meet the deadline or about to violate the deadline.Bizz-PPB is your electronic task board which will constantly teach you the status of the project.


Optimal use of shelf time is equally important as the optimization of inventory, shipping and delivery. This software, which can be customized according to the company size, is designed in such a way to bring down travel time. This enhances the possibility to collect more orders and reduce lead time. Ideal for increasing operational efficiency and to enhance customer service.


BIZZ 7WASTE – An online tool to rule out the occurance of 7 wastes that are prone to arise in any industry. B-On developed a highly user interactive tool to eliminate those factors which adds no value to the progress/ smooth functtioning of an organization. BIZZ 7WASTE assures prompt ROI and helps you in making tonnes of money out of your business.



SOCA is an analytics middleware used to convert the complex spread sheet data in to a simple easy to understand graphical format. The amount of data available in the world is growing exponentially, and analyzing large data sets (so-called big data) is becoming key for market analysis and competition. Business leaders have started to rely on data analysis in their organisations, often through deployment in highly targeted areas. However, while organisations have invested heavily in technological solutions to managing their data, it is increasingly clear that technology systems alone are unlikely to deliver predictive insight. We are experts in intelligent analytics providing consulting, implementation and configuration.



An online tool that you use either for your own personal or professional learning, for teaching or training, or for creating e-learning. Hosted in the cloud so there’s nothing to install, download or maintain. The system is designed with built-in security hence your files are ensured full privacy and 100% security


We do have a user friendly logistics management system.